Preposition Adapted Book Series – The Autism Helper

Preposition Adapted Book Series


Learn the concept of a preposition in an interactive and engaging way! These adapted books target 3 specific concepts related to learning about prepositions in a method that is hands-on and visual.

Using visuals, multiple examples, a hands-on approach, and structure will allow students to understand literacy concepts more easily. This is great for students who struggle with reading and grammar!

This resource is perfect for circle time, small group instruction, centers, speech therapy sessions, independent work, or partner work!

This product contains 3 Adapted Books:

  • Matching Prepositions {15 page book focusing on basic concept}
  • Location Prepositions {12 page book focusing on location preposition comprehension}
  • Time Prepositions {12 page book focusing on using on, at, and in}

Each book contains directions for setup, moveable pieces, and a storage board system.

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