Parts of Speech BUNDLE Adapted Book Series

Parts of Speech BUNDLE Adapted Book Series

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Explore our comprehensive bundle of 24 Adapted Books designed for teaching essential parts of speech to special education teachers and parents of autistic students. This collection offers an interactive and hands-on approach to target grammar concepts effectively. These resources are guaranteed to become your most cherished teaching tools.

Within this bundle, students will grasp the concepts of nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, and adverbs through interactive and engaging activities. The adapted books employ visuals, multiple examples, a hands-on methodology, and a structured format, facilitating a deeper understanding of literacy concepts. This is especially valuable for students struggling with reading and grammar, as it supports their discrimination skills.

These adaptable resources are perfect for various educational settings, including circle time, small group instruction, centers, speech therapy sessions, independent work, or partner activities. With 24 books included, each resource contains setup instructions, moveable pieces, and a user-friendly storage board system.

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