Verb Adapted Book Series

Verb Adapted Book Series

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Verb Adapted Book Series

Verb Adapted Book Series

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Immerse your students in the world of verbs with our interactive and engaging adapted books. These resources aim to address five specific facets of verb learning, employing hands-on and visual techniques.

Through the use of visuals, multiple examples, hands-on engagement, and structured content, we facilitate a deeper understanding of literacy concepts, which is especially beneficial for students grappling with reading and grammar.

Our versatile resource is suitable for a range of educational settings, including circle time, small group instruction, centers, speech therapy sessions, independent study, and collaborative activities.

This product features five adapted books, each focused on different aspects of verbs, including basic concepts, present progressive verbs, past, present, and future progressive verbs, changing verbs to different tenses, and identifying the correct tense. Each book comes complete with setup instructions, movable pieces, and a user-friendly storage board system.

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