Real Photo Token Board – The Autism Helper

Real Photo Token Board


One of the most used visuals is an "I am working for..." board! This system is a visual token board to show when reinforcement is coming. This strategy is essential for students that are still building receptive language skills to illustrate reinforcement contingencies and provide reinforcement for specific expected behaviors. This resource contains all real photos which is great for foundational level learners or old students.

This packet includes:

  • a 3, 5, & 10 token "I am working for..." board
  • stars or check marks for the board
  • 8 or 12 space choice board
  • 36 different visuals for common preferred items (including technology items, food, toys, break, and special activity)

Includes two different sizes of the whole resource.

This is GREAT for children with autism, ADHD, cognitive impairments, or learners who are more visual and need more structure! This can be used for academic or behavioral responses. Useful for teachers, parents, or therapists!

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