What Question Unit

What Question Unit

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Wh- Question Unit Bundle {All Questions}
Wh- Question Unit Bundle {All Questions}

Teaching the fundamental skill of answering who, what, wh...

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What Question Unit

What Question Unit

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Developing the ability to answer who, what, where, when, which, and why questions is a crucial skill that significantly impacts a student's conversation skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and academic knowledge. This comprehensive unit focuses specifically on 'what' questions, utilizing adapted books, task cards, and work tasks featuring a mix of clip art and real photos. With two sets of task cards providing visual choices for additional support, including a set incorporating 'what' questions with life skills, this resource caters to various learning needs. Perfect for independent work, guided practice, stations, partner activities, and speech-language therapy, it includes adapted books, real-photo life skill task cards, clip art task cards, work tasks, and an anchor chart. Engage your students in a fun and effective way to enhance their question-answering skills and expand their vocabulary.

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